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The Balcony

Windy City Times, August 29, 1996 The production by the Thirteenth Tribe, currently playing in the bunker-like depths of the Chopin Theatre, rejects this facile interpretation wholly. Far from glossing over Genet’s arguments, director Joanna settle emphasizes them by keeping her actors clothed at all times, albeit in fetishistically provocative garments,...

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Bombs in the Ladies Room

Chicago Sun-Times, August 12, 1997 The two-year-old Thirteenth Tribe, serious proponents of site-specific theatre, has ignited a firestorm of paradoxes and provocations in Bombs in the Ladies Room, written and performed by company member Megan Rodgers. Set in the claustrophobic basement of Wicker Park’s Yello Gallery, this multimedia work explores the theme...

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