Rapture, Blister, Burn
October 8, 2014 – November 2, 2014
Wilma Theater 
When celebrity professor Catherine reunites with her best friends from graduate school, now a married couple with kids living in a New England college town, she begins to rethink the choices she’s made over the past twenty years.  As these three friends navigate their new relationships with each other, feelings of regret begin to arise. Catherine’s homecoming leads to shifting dynamics and a larger look at how much (or little) the lives of women have evolved over the past century while examining subjects ranging from pornography to Betty Friedan to slasher films.  Susan Smith Blackburn Prize-winner Gina Gionfriddo (author of the Wilma’s hit production of Becky Shaw) offers a fresh take on timeless questions by wittily juxtaposing feminist theories with messy human desires.
Krista Apple-Hodge - Catherine
Nancy Boykin - Alice
Maia DeSanti - Gwen
Campbell O’Hare - Avery
Harry Smith - Don
Gina Gionfriddo - Playwright
Joanna Settle - Director
Kristen Robinson - Set Designer
Rosemarie McKelvey - Costume Designer
Thom Weaver - Lighting Designer
Larry Fowler - Sound Designer
Stew - Composer
Patreshettarlini Adams - Resident Stage Manager

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