The Trojan Women
April 7, 2003
Division 13
By Euripides
Translated by Nicholas Rudall
Adapted and Directed by Joanna Settle
New York Theatre Workshop
Public Reading
About the Text:
In the introduction to his translation of The Trojan Women, Nicholas Rudall writes, “One year before the first performance of The Trojan Women, in 415 B.C., Athenians had invaded the island of Melos, which was Greek but determined neutral in the war between Athens and Sparta. Athenian forces captured the island, put the men to death, and enslaved the women and children. This barbaric act provoked the people of Athens; Euripides’ play thrusts us into the presence of the pain of innocent victims of war.”
This script, which involves almost no action, once again finds itself a topical and contemporary work 2,400 years after it was written.  The members and artistic associates of D13 were deeply drawn to the story, the strength of Nicholas’ Rudall’s raw and contemporary translation, and the emotional texture of the work.
Stage Manager: Lisa Gavaletz
Sound Operator: Adrian Brandau
Singing Coach: Jana Zielonka
Anne DeAcetis (Chorus)
Juliana Francis (Helen)
Miriam Laube (Cassandra)
Susan McGeary (Chorus)
Sarah McMinn (Andromache)
Jesse J. Perez (Talthybius)
Steven Rishard (Menelaus)
Rachel Sledd (Athena)
James Stanley (Poseidon)
Katie Taber (Chorus)
Holly Troupe (Hecuba)
Eunice Wong (Chorus)
Set Design: Andrew Lieberman
Lighting Design: Peter West
Costume Design: Kasia Walicka Maimone
Sound Design and Original Composition: Obadiah Eaves
Choreographer: David Neumann

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